Your personal pocket trainer Overcome your limits!

Sport4life is your personal trainer with the best training plans, combined with hundreds of exercises and healthy recipes specially designed to achieve your goals. If your goal is to gain muscle mass, lose weight or get fit, Sport4life is the option you were looking for.


Reach your goals and stay motivated with the new Sport4life service.

Sport4Life is a service totally adapted to your needs and goals, so much so that you will have the feeling of having a personal trainer by your side, someone that motivates you to exercise.

Get fit

Your personal trainer that will guide you step by step so that you perform each exercise in the most efficient way and without injuries.

More than 250 exercises

Learn and practice with more than 250 exercises categorized by their difficulty or the body area that you want to strengthen.

The best exercises

To strengthen up to 24 different muscle areas and thus achieve the best possible result.

Updated contents

All contents are updated and reviewed weekly by sports technical personnel.


Sport4life is focused on the practice of sports and health with more than 100 rich and healthy video recipes.

Progress and real goals

Start to progress. Thanks to the personalized training system of Sport4life you will achieve your goals safely and effectively.


Sport4life is an innovative premium service of guided training, where the user can find abundant and updated content to achieve their goals and physical goals.

With hundreds of trainings and plans for all types of users, regardless of their level or skill. Everyone will get really amazing results!


Sport4life contains a large number of workouts classified by:

  • Equipment

    Exercise ball, steps, elastic band, high table, ball, wall, dumbbell, without equipment, chair, mat.
  • Training goals

    Legs and buttocks, gain muscle mass, get in shape, strengthen abdomen and torso, lose weight.
  • Exercises divided into 3 levels of intensity.

    Low, Medium and High.
  • Body focus

    Lower body, core, upper body or the whole body.


  • Direct Billing Payment

    GIANT MOBILE maintains its policy of total transparency with respect to the service fees and the payment method.
  • Secure and reliable payment

    Direct Billing is one of the safest payment methods, both for the operator and for the user.
  • Weekly subscription

    The user will accept the payment of a subscription for a period of one week (7 days), after which they can Cancel the service if they wish.



Screen capture

The user clicks on a banner of a Sport4life content and is redirected to a landing page.


Subscription confirmed

The user completes the subscription flow depending on the type of WIFI or 3 / 4G navigation.



Once the subscription flow is completed, the user is charged.



After completing the previous steps, the user is redirected to the Sport4life content for which they have paid by creating an account to access the portal during the duration of the subscription.


Web subscription service for smartphones, tablets and PC that provides the user with access to hundreds of healthy recipes, exercises and training routines: contents that are currently purchased for a single payment and that the user can, at Sport4Life, get without extra cost and No limit (as long as you keep the subscription active).

Web Services

  • Valid for all platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry.
  • No installation necessary.
  • The username is the phone number to access and enjoy the service.
  • Transparency in payments.
  • It is easy to unsubscribe.
  • Weekly updates.


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